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Join hands with us to further advance your company’s corporate social responsibility program. Together, we can go further to alleviate suffering and make wellbeing accessible to those who need it most. 

Your valued contributions will help scale our three-fold social impact model. Together we can  spread the healing power of compassion to millions more who need it most.

Experience firsthand the meaningful work that’s involved in making the karuna movement a reality. When you alleviate the suffering of another through compassion, you begin your own journey of happiness.

Join us to help break the vicious cycles of poverty and abuse by empowering children, youth and women.  Please send your indication of interest to become a trusted grantee by using the form below.

Do you have a passion for writing? Making art? Producing music? Then we’re looking for you to contribute your creative energy to help spread the karuna movement!

Help us unleash a wave of compassion to make this world a happier place

Join the karuna movement by filling out the form below

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Thank you for contacting us! We will be in touch shortly.

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become a trusted grantee

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Organizations interested in becoming trusted grantees are encouraged to complete the grantee contact form to be considered for our upcoming grant cycle. We utilize a rolling grants schedule throughout the year and do not have any particular deadlines - you are welcome to apply any time.

The karuna happiness foundation is focused on awarding women's empowerment grants, victims of abuse grants, anti-trafficking grants, and early childhood education grants.

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Thank you for contacting us! We will be in touch shortly.

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donate for happiness

Please, consider contributing funding to our three-fold social impact model and join us in unleashing a wave of compassion for those who need it most.

Click on the button below or scan the QR code to donate now. 

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With warmth and gratitude, thank you. 

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