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Happiness is not a privilege
It’s a right

Peace and happiness are words that have belonged to a select few for far too long.

The karuna happiness foundation is changing this narrative by starting a movement whose ultimate goal is to make this world a happier place. 

We are committed to breaking the vicious cycles of poverty and abuse by empowering children, youth, and women who have suffered unspeakable trauma, abandonment, neglect, trafficking, and other trauma in their lives. We do this by providing financial support to organizations that are working on the ground alongside marginalized populations to give them a fair shot at life.

Because happiness is not a privilege. It is every human being’s birthright. 

We are focused on spreading our model of impactful wellbeing in three direct manners:

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Empowering marginalized children, youth, and women in order to break the vicious cycles of poverty and abuse.

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Strengthening early childhood education efforts for children living in disadvantaged communities.

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Funding vital and innovative research that investigates the science behind happiness and wellbeing.

who we are


The karuna happiness foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity with a three-fold social impact model. It was born from an inspiration received by Arun Sardana, the founder of karuna happiness foundation, during a profound meditation. If you are interested in the full story of karuna's birth, you may read it here.


We're focused on challenging the status quo when it comes to healing, happiness, and wellbeing by making them accessible to all. Our model of social impact is derived from one of our core beliefs: 

When one person relieves the suffering of another through unleashed compassion, they in turn begin their own journey of happiness.  


In essence, our individual and collective experiences cannot be separated from one another. Buddha, after his enlightenment, taught that compassion was one of the key ingredients in not only removing the suffering of others, but also the pain and anguish we feel within ourselves. Stoic philosophers and present-day scientists have found this age-old wisdom to not only be true but also found that this form of altruism is one of the most potent tools in the pursuit of happiness.


“karuna” is a Sanskrit word that means the compassionate and selfless desire to remove suffering. It is this central concept of compassion that is the heartbeat of our social enterprise.

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why the karuna movement

For far too long, happiness has been the domain of the privileged few, when in truth it is a birth right of all. The karuna happiness foundation is changing that narrative by creating a model of impactful wellbeing.


We’re re-envisioning what wellbeing means through the healing capabilities of compassion unleashed.


Using our three-fold mission to affect social change, we are making happiness and wellbeing accessible to all:


Peace, wellbeing, and happiness are words that have belonged to a certain status, race, and socio-economic class for decades. karuna happiness foundation aims to change this narrative by empowering women and youth living in disadvantaged communities so they may also flourish.

women's empowerment

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The benefits of early childhood education are indisputable. The challenge is that far too few children have access to it. The karuna happiness foundation is committed to making this life-transforming education available to children living in disadvantaged communities.

early childhood education

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The karuna happiness foundation looks to the members of its Scientific Advisory Board - a preeminent body of researchers, academics, and practitioners - who have been the torch bearers in the world of the science of happiness for decades. They are the guiding light in the design and mission of karuna to make this world a happier place.

wellbeing research

we are committed to spreading
impactful wellbeing by unleashing
a wave of compassion

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what is impactful wellbeing?

Impactful wellbeing is a social impact model that aims to re-envision what happiness and wellbeing means, and how everyone is able to access it. Our ultimate goal is to make the world a happier place, and so we’re creating a new reality in which happiness is a birthright of all, not a privilege of the few. We contribute to charities who are directly working to change the status quo by breaking down the barriers that prevent marginalized populations from accessing the wellbeing tools they need to thrive.


We call our effort towards impactful wellbeing

the karuna movement

Now, we are asking you to join the karuna movement.

Help us unleash compassion where it’s needed most.

Together, we can make happiness accessible to all.

Image by Yogendra Singh


women's empowerment


join the movement


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early childhood education

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How can I get involved?

By partnering with the karuna happiness foundation, you become a catalyst of healing and promoting long-term wellbeing in the lives of others, especially the disenfranchised and the disadvantaged. These vulnerable populations need a global community to create sustainable changes that break the vicious cycles of poverty and abuse. Together, we can unleash a wave of compassion the likes of which the world has rarely witnessed.


You can take the first step towards your own happiness by giving the gift of happiness to someone less fortunate. Like Soren Kierkegard, the Danish philosopher said, “the doors to happiness open outwards.” Together, we can spread this wave of compassion to every corner of the earth.

There are several ways you can help us make this goal a reality:

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Sponsor- White.png


Volunteer - White.png


Grantee - White.png


Contributor - White.png


Organizations interested in becoming trusted grantees are encouraged to complete the grantee contact form to be considered for our upcoming grant cycle. We utilize a rolling grants schedule throughout the year and do not have any particular deadlines - you are welcome to apply any time. The karuna happiness foundation is focused on awarding women's empowerment grants, victims of abuse grants, anti-trafficking grants, and early childhood education grants.

our current partners and grantees in
the karuna movement

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